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SEO Quotation :

1) No matter how many sets of keywords to do the first time setup fee of HK$5,000 (per search engine and a single Web site to calculate, for example, compared with only Google HK$5,000.

2) The keyword guarantees that the specified page / link will be charged on the first page of search results for the specified crawler.

3) The contract period is one year (For Example : 3 months after signing a contract, when a group of keywords in the search results of the specified "search engine" appears "specified page / link" in the home page, the group key will go to the first day Start calculation, the contract period of one year).

4) For a monthly fee, if a set of keywords in that month falls back to or after the specified page / link for the search results for the "crawler," we'll deduct the percentage of days that are not in the first page, (For example, if the keyword is HK$500 a month, the month has 30 days, of which 5 days behind the home page, then charges such as HK$500/30 * 25 = HK$416.66).

If you are interested for further information or a quote, please call Tel: 2151-1486 or email to


We will have experts to provide you with professional SEO marketing services

Payment Method:

Accounted for by check or transfer to:
HSBC Bank Account Name: Vivo Supplies Ltd.
Account Number: 652-071648-838


* Please keep the receipt with the guests name / company name and phone number or e-mail to fax to (852) 2151-1617


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