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What is SEO?

SEO search engine optimization (SEO), also known as search engine optimization, online advertising, online marketing, is more popular in recent years, online marketing mode, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities.

SEO advantage ?

1. let users actively searching for information to reach your site users enter a keyword search is the beginning of the operation, because he was very concerned when I wanted to know the answer will search data. In this case users are not being forced to take the initiative to find information, so at this time allows users / customers know your site promote their products or services. this is completely different from ordinary advertising, advertising in general including keyword advertising (Yahoo keyword advertising, Google AdWords ads, etc.) stood manufacturers / sellers point of view to promote trade only to see advertising are not necessarily interested in, so a SEO advantage is that consumers take the initiative to find information and solutions when you can provide information and product / service information in a timely manner.

2. The cost increase will not increase CTR and turnover rate general advertising including DM, posters, television advertising, keyword advertising (Yahoo keyword advertising, Google AdWords ads, etc.) in order to allow more consumers to see your products and increase number of transactions also require more advertising costs. SEO advantage is at no additional cost increases click-through rate and turnover rate.

3. Web content has resiliency, the accumulated value will make your web content through search, but also through Facebook and other social networking Web site, it can be linked to increase the CTR of the entire site. The resulting increase overall value of external links, easier results among the top surface. This effect the more content rich website, accumulated more, the better. and a wealth of information and external links can win users / consumers' trust, site visibility, reliability, which also form a brand effect and cumulative brand value.

SEO how to help companies increase sales?

The main work of SEO is by understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, and how to determine how to index it for a particular keyword search results ranking and other SEO techniques to optimize the relevant pages to improve search engine rankings, thereby increasing site traffic, and ultimately enhance the ability to sell or promote the ability of technology website.

Search engine optimization is such a technology, that is to follow the search engine and comprehensive scientific theory of the mechanism, the site structure, foreign policy interactive web sites written language and the like between the rational planning to deploy the site to discover and make it the greatest potential search engine ranking with a strong natural competitive advantage, thus promoting business online sales and brand play a role in strengthening the web.

Simply put, SEO is a way for the website to get a better ranking in Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines in order to win one more potential customers online marketing model, which is SEM (search engine marketing) way.

Based on the above mentioned, we should result in good SEO, you must have good content, and have good original content.


What's difference between PPC and SEO?

1. PPC need to set a competitive price, the highest bidder can only be discharged to a high level, and each click will follow a different price competition keywords and charges, if the default cost limit is reached it will immediately disappear.


2. At present, there are a lot of malicious clicks is to use some of the programs can be converted to IP, imitating real ad clicks opponent's purpose is to run out in a short time rival preset fee, in order to achieve the disappearance of opponents of advertising in search engines, this It can not be avoided.


3. PPC only when the payment will appear, in other words, there is no increase site or domain's natural position, no cumulative investment value.

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